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Meet Our Team

Devin Ramos

Owner | CEO

Devin has served in the Marine Corps Infantry and Army Special Forces since 2009 and remains on Active Duty. He started in real estate in 2021 and founded Simplifi Real Estate in 2022. He is passionate about serving and leading others. He values the Clarksville community and loves contributing to the development of the city by renovating properties and providing investment opportunities to local families.

Shelby Ramos

Account Executive

Shelby has a proven track record with years of experience within several sales departments. She has a passion for connecting with and serving others, especially those within the Clarksville community. When she isn’t directly supporting our clients she’s usually spending time supporting Devin and their 3 boys.

Brock Dockery

Office Manager

Brock is a dedicated professional driven by a love for exceptional customer service. With a background in managing diverse teams and projects, he thrives on creating positive experiences for clients. He is the powerhouse –behind the scenes– managing operations. His passion lies in understanding and meeting customer needs, ensuring their satisfaction and building meaningful relationships. He believes in the power of genuine connections and goes the extra mile to deliver outstanding service.

Kyla Trainor

Real Estate Agent

Kyla left the corporate world in 2019 and dove straight into real estate sales and investment. She is currently on Heather Eisenmann’s team at with Keller Williams, but began as an associate agent in middle Tennessee, quickly becoming a lead agent closing 49 deals her first year. She was able to do this while also maintaining exceptional reviews! She has closed hundreds of deals and remains the preferred agent for Simplifi Real Estate. Kyla has a passion for understanding the local market and helping her clients find the perfect home.